Get folks yakking about you.

Content Marketing

Writing for the web is a mix of art and science. Only part of it can be taught; the rest has to be learned through practice. Our team of writers has over 15 year’s experience writing engaging content for some of the biggest brands on the internet. Sympatico, MSN, Yahoo!, Monster, and Workopolis are just a few examples of companies we have delivered record breaking traffic to through story telling.

We were experts at content marketing before content marketing was even a thing.

We get what engages audiences, and we work with clients to find the hook that attracts and interests readers, while building brand awareness and affinity for companies.

Social Media

From building your profiles, to maintaining social presence, and growing your audience or coaching individuals on best practices for using the latest interactive communications tools, we offer a range of social media services scalable to suit your needs.

Public Relations

Get your story out there. Our team has relationships with journalists and influential bloggers. We do in-depth research, create infographics and white papers, and do media outreach for your brand story. We ghost write bylines to position strategic company heads as thought leaders in their industry. Speech writing and preparing presentations are among our specialties.


We offer all of our content marketing, social media and PR services in both English and idiomatic authentic Canadian/Québec French. We can also localize your content for the Québécois market and provide stand-alone translation services from English to French or French to English.

Be the yak of the town.