Influential social media writer and journalist Amanda Cosco profiled our strategy for generating traffic, engagement, and brand awareness for Workopolis in a piece called, “How Workopolis is Leveraging Content to Stay Competitive with LinkedIn [Case Study]”

Here’s an excerpt:

We all know how useful LinkedIn can be as a professional resource, but how are smaller-scale career websites like Workopolis staying afloat? Workopolis, a Canadian-based career site, is remaining at the top of its game by sticking to one simple maxim: content is king.

With networks such as Linkedin, it’s easy to forget that sites like Workopolis even exist. For this reason, the Workopolis team is leveraging content to draw attention to their website by providing users with relevant, industry-focused, and useful content.

Here’s why Workopolis’ content strategy is effective:

First and foremost, they know their audience: the Workopolis team has determined that any one using their website is either looking for a job or looking to hire someone for a job; knowing this, they’ve catered their content for their audience. Some key questions that the Workopolis content team have clearly asked themselves include, “what does my audience want to read about?” and “how can I develop content that’s useful to my audience?”

Also, all of Workopolis’ content demonstrates a clear and focused conversation. Whenever I develop content strategies for brands, one of the first things I ask is “what is the main conversation taking place here?” One that is determined, it’s easier to make editorial decisions and shape a content plan. All of Workopolis’ content thematically fits into one conversation—”finding a job” or “best practices for finding a job.”

The final reason why Workopolis’ content is effective is because it isn’t marketing to you, it’s informing you.

You can read the full text of Amanda’s piece on The Social Times over at Hey, thanks, Amanda!